Coupon Lingo

If you are new to couponing and are wondering what in the world things like RR or SS or RP mean, then here is your guide to help you understand.

  • $1/1 - one dollar off one item 
  • $1/2 - one dollar off two items (and so on) 
  • BOGO or B1G1- buy one get one (bogo free or bogo 50% off, etc)(B1G1F is buy one get one free) 
  • GM - General Mills 
  • MFG or MQ - manufacturer coupon 
  • MIR - mail in rebate 
  • P&G - Proctor and Gamble 
  • RR - register rewards (at walgreens) 
  • WAGS - Walgreens 
  • RP - Red Plum coupon insert 
  • SS - Smart Source coupon insert 
  • SC - store coupon 
  • OOP - out of pocket expense 
  • BC - before coupons 
  • AC - after coupons 
  • HTH - hope that helps 
  • Q or CPN - coupon 
  • CAT - catalina ( a coupon that prints out with your receipt from a little machine next to the register, that is good on your next purchase at that store. These are triggered by what you buy.) 
  • YMMV - your mileage may vary (the deal may work for you but not someone else) 
  • FAR - free after reabte 
  • TMF - try me free offer 
  • WYB - when you buy (WYB2 means when you buy 2, and so on.) 
  • +Up - rewards from Rite-Aid that are printed on your receipt for your next purchase 
  • SCR - Single check rebate (a check that comes in the mail that you can get from rite-aid on qualifying purchases)  
  • Stacking - when you use both a manufacturers coupon and a store coupon on the same product. (you can tell the difference since the mfg coupon will have mfg coupon written on it, and the store coupon will have the store name on it) 
  • Tear Pad - a pad (like post it note pad) of rebate or coupons attached to the shelf by a product. 
  • Blinkie - a machine that distributes coupons 
  • UPC - univeral product code (the label they scan to ring up  your item, with the black lines and numbers) 
  • POP - Proof of purchase (this is like the product label or the upc).
  • DCRT - dated cash register receipt
  • GC - gift card 
  • SP - stock pile 
  • Peelies - coupons that are like stickers found on products

When you see "Use $2/1 coupon from 7/29 SS for Visine"
This means there is a coupon that is good for $2 off of 1 item, you can find the coupon in the 7/29 insert of the Smart Source coupons and it is for Visine. To tell where to find the date of the coupon insert, look along the seem on the left side and it will have it printed in small numbers.