Monday, July 19, 2010

Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper Subscription only $19.99 for one year!

If you live in Salt Lake County, Davis, Summit, Utah or a couple of others, you can sign up to get the Tribune (fri, sat, sun) for only $19.99 for 1 year!! This is an amazing deal, and for those of you who read it, it has been been coming with the Church News. So be sure to call Media One today at 801.204.6100 or 1.800....662.9076 . I have been told you can do it on their website at too, but make sure you get the deal for $20 for the whole year!!!
If you are interested in getting more than one paper, you can also snag the Deseret News for the same days (fri, sat, sun) and it is only $39 for the year. So call now and mention the $20 SL Tribune or $40 Deseret News deal and get the paper this weekend!

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