Monday, November 29, 2010

Walgreens Shopping Trip = 96% Savings

Total Cost = $6.29

I went on Saturday (11/27) to the Walgreens Black Friday sale, and they had plenty of things left. (I am hosting a family Christmas party soon, so some of this stuff will make good prizes). Because I wanted to take full advantage of the RR, and minimize the out of pocket cost, I ended up doing 7 transactions. (It sounds like a lot, but went fairly quickly). That way, I was able to make two different "groups" of items and alternate them back and forth rolling the rewards. Otherwise I would have had to do one big transaction with a huge out of pocket cost, and have a lot of rewards left over. After all was said and done it ended up only coming to about $6 for everything! Total before sales and coupons was $142.26. There were 36 items total and that makes each item only $0.17 each! I was so excited (thats even including tax!). VIEW ALL THE DETAILS HERE (sales no longer valid)

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