Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Maceys AWESOME Kelloggs Back-To-School Rebate!

I went to Macey's tonight to take advantage of the $1/3 canned veggies and found some other great deals! They have their Kellogg's cookies, rice krispies and fruit snacks on sale for $1.99 each. The AWESOME part is, when you buy two fruit snacks or two rice krispies, you get a free loaf of bread with each one. When you buy two packages of cookies, you get a FREE gallon of milk with them. So I got the 6 packages of cookies, 2 fruit snacks, and 2 rice krispies. I also got two free loafs of bread and three free gallons of milk. The total only came to $16.91 + tax. Then you get to submit for the $10 Kellogg's back to School Rebate!
That makes all of this stuff only $6.91!!!

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