Saturday, November 6, 2010

Need to save a little more? How to save money on Bread!

Bread is something that rarely goes on sale, and unless you are willing to settle for the "store brand or cheap" kind then you are probably paying at least $2 a loaf. WELL...HERE IS SOMETHING TO TRY!
We were driving home from riteaid a couple of days ago and there is a Sara Lee Bakery Outlet on the way. It had a big sign that said "Bread $0.50" so I yelled for my husband to pull over and I ran in....he about fell out of the car when I can out carrying about 5 bag fulls (half I bought for my family)...but with it all said and done, I only spent $12 and change for 25 LOAVES OF BREAD!!! NONE of them were expired, and they were all the 100% whole wheat and other good kinds, and they were the 24 oz size!! They also had hotdog and hamburger buns for only $0.50 a package! Just something to think about. The best thing about Sara Lee bread, is you can freeze it and just take it out an hour before you need it, and it takes like it was just bought!!! We have tried this with other bread (aka Target) and it tastes horrible and its crumbly and a mess. Sara Lee bread does not do that. At least mine doesn't! :) So go to google and search for ' sara lee bakery outlet 84103 ' (or your zip code) and see if there is an outlet by you. I believe they are located all across the county. You can also try Hostess (they make wonder bread) to see if they have any good deals!

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