Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oil of Olay $10 and $20 Rebates

Just a Reminder about the Mail in Rebates for Olay products:

One allows you to get $20 back when you purchase $50 worth of product. This might sound like a lot- and it is- but remember that you add up the amounts pre-coupon, so you if you shop the sales, you won't spend that much Out of Pocket, and still be eligible for the rebate. Offer is valid 7/23- 9/3 and must be postmarked by 9/17. You can print the rebate form here.

The other rebate is $10 back when you spend $30 rebate. This rebate is valid for other brand items too! Pantene, Venus, Covergirl and Secret are all eligible brands as well. This offer is good until 9/17/10 and needs to be postmarked by 10/1/10. So you have some time to look for good sales. Keep your receipts in an envelope with this form, (get duplicate receipts) so you can mail it in as soon as your buy enough items, and then you are not digging around looking for the receipts.

So take advantage of the sales, your coupons, and rewards and then mail in for this rebate too. You will most likely end up making money with these, instead of spending out of pocket if you use the sales and coupons to buy your items!

I will post some great sales that will go with these later.

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