Friday, September 24, 2010

Rite Aid Shopping Trip 9/21/10 = 100% Savings!

This was a crazy trip. I was lucky enough to get the size of Diapers I needed, and to get the Arm and Hammer toothbrushes. Most of the Kotex were gone, but I got what was left. Anyways, you can view the details HERE. Since that is what I did. My totals were a little different though. My total cost OOP was about $26.31. Then I will get back a $10 SCR and I got $17.00 in +Up rewards:
  • $10 SCR from Kimberly Clark
  • $5 +Up from Arm and Hammer
  • $5 +Up from Garnier
  • $1 +Up from Campbells
  • $2 +Up from Huggies
  • $3 +Up from Kotex
  • $1 +Up from Scott's
So everything you see in the picture, was FREE!!!! I Love it when they have these kinds of sales! Hope you have as good of luck! Let me know what kind of deals you got!

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