Thursday, September 23, 2010

*Update* Schick Razors at Smiths!

Previously I posted HERE about Smith's having their Schick razors on sale for only $2.88 each! This sale is good until the first of November, 2010 so you have time to stock up on the $3/1 coupons or just use the $2/1 coupons before they expire. You choose.

To sweeten the deal, I found out that Smiths is offering a Catalina on Schick right now through September 30, 2010! Spend $25 and get a $5 catalina (coupon good towards your next purchase at Smiths).

If you have the $3 coupons, if won't matter except you would have a good money maker. If you have the $2/1 coupons do the deal before the 30 and  you will only pay $3 for all 9 razors. If you have some $3 then add them in for an even better deal!

Here is the deal scenario:

  • (9) Schick razors (any combination of the on sale items) $2.88 each
    • Use $2/1 coupons from 8/22 SS or 9/12 SS OR Use coupons you can win from Schick Visual Q's on Facebook they have $2/1 and $3/1 coupons and free razors as the prizes. So once you are done playing, make sure you click on "Claim my prize" and you will see what you have won. (you can win one coupon per day (2 prints per coupon)).
  • Total = $25.92 
    • Use coupons as detailed above
  • Total = $7.92 + tax (if using $2/1) or FREE if you have $3/1 coupons.
Get back $5 Catalina
Total cost = $2.92 + tax for all 9 razors or $0.33 per package!!! OR Free for the 9 packages and with the overage you will also be able to spend an extra $1.08 with only having to pay for tax. So I would get something priced at least $1.50 if you are going to use all $3 coupons so there are no issues.

To view my Shopping Trip with these, CLICK HERE!

I tried doing this with only 4 razors, because before you swipe you FV Card the total was over $25, but it didn't print the Catalina. So this confirmed that you have to have your total be $25 AFTER the sales price is applied, but BEFORE coupons! If you didn't get your catalina, and you know or feel you should have got one, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

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