Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smiths Schick Razors...12 for only $6

I got these 9 packages and it came to $9.70, plus a catalina printed out for $5 off my next order. Now, the bottom line here should have been cheaper, but I forgot one of my coupons, so I may go in and try to get them to apply it. We will see.
I went the next day since I found three more coupons, and got three more razors. Since I had two $3/1 coupons and a $2/1 coupon my total for all 3 razors OOP after tax was only $1.18! Thats great!

Still over all I got 12 packages for only $6 and that's only $0.50 each, so I won't complain!
I am posting all the details soon.

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