Saturday, August 7, 2010

Smiths Shopping Trip 7/29/10

This was the shopping trip for the last Rounding up sale that Smith's did. It was about a week ago, but it was such a great trip that I wanted to post it to show you what great deals there were, and that you should take advantage of it next time it comes up. Here's my deal:

(2) Bounty Paper Towels 2-pack $2.99 each
(1) Charmin Bath Tissue 12 pack $6.99
(5) Boxes of Kleenex Tissues $1.00 each
(1) Bottle of Downy Free Fabric Softener $4.99
(1) Packet of Weber Marinade $0.89
(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.99 each
(2) Herbal Essence Hairspray $2.99 each
(4) Old Spice Body Wash $2.99 each
(2) Gillette Body Wash $2.99 each
(5) Crest toothpaste $1.00 each
(2) Lady Speed Stick Deodorant $0.88 each
(3) Packages of Trident Gum $0.79 each

Total = $60.88 + tax = $63.41

I used the following coupons:

(3) $4 off total order for buying 4 P/G products = $12
E-coupon for Charmin = $3
E-Coupon for Downy = $2
E-coupon for BC Warm Delights = $0.75
E-coupon for BC Warm Delights = $0.50
E-coupon for Old Spice = $1
E-coupon for Old Spice = $2

This brought the total down to $42.16

Then I used a bunch of paper/printed coupons that brought the total down to $11.61 oop (that's including tax)
So my total came down from $63.41 to $11.61. That's a total savings of 82% and with 32 items, that's only $0.36 per item!

The coupons I used just today paid for one of my subscriptions to the paper, and still left almost $11 to apply to the other one. If you haven't yet, Call Media One and get setup on at least the SL Tribune for only $20 for the whole year (Fri-Sun) and the Deseret News for only $39 a year (Fri-Sun). Click here for more info on that.

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